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Bone Steel Creation began as a creative gift and transformed into this unique, small, recycled metal, American made business. 

Jon Mabry left his career in construction to start a journey of many different skills and trades. After traveling the country, meeting new people and acquiring new skills, he's settled at the Grand Canyon alongside Bess Foster. Prior to that he worked in the oil fields of North Dakota where he learned the art of welding, which he now uses to create actual art. Bess Foster has always had a love for arts and crafts. In her younger years she attended local craft fairs, beaded jewelry, crafted one of a kind silverware art. After a long break from the craft world, Jons passion for metal work inspired her to begin making jewelry again. 

The creative and personal pieces made by Jon for Bess opened the door for their small business and renewed passion for creating unique metal art, jewelry, melee weapons and medieval weapons. All of the items the couple use may be junk to some, but to them, work material with endless options.  All of their creations may be seen at various events, as well as our online store. 

CUSTOM ORDERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME! Feel free to navigate to the contact section, put your vision in to words, and let us mold it to reality.


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